In line with our people first Culture, our company put the health and safety of our team member firsts. We have done, and will continue to do anything necessary to ensure we protect our team and their families against the spread of COVID-19. Below are just a few examples of how we keep our team members safe:

  • Improved PPE: All our employees wear surgical masks daily, in addition to balaclavas (ski masks) and face shields.
  • Improved entrance and exit practices: Shifts are staggered to minimize the number of people entering and exiting the facilities and in congested areas such as break rooms, walkways, and locker rooms.
  • Entrance Health Checks: Each employee must undergo a health screening before entering the building- including having their temperature checked with an infrared thermometer and answer questions around symptoms.
  • Improved inner facility practices: Hand sanitizer stations are strategically placed to ensure clean hands throughout the day. Signage and indicators on the floor aid in the practice of social distancing. Where traditional social distancing is not achievable such as tables or production lines, plexiglass dividers are used between employees to increase protection. Fogg machines are constantly disinfecting commonly touched areas and cleaning crews wipe down spaces during the day.

We have invested millions of dollars to protect our valued employees from COVID-19. We firmly believe that with these measures in place and the continued cooperation of our employees on every level, our facilities are safe, and COVID-19 can be kept under control.

For more information on our commitment to combat COVID-19 visit: Prioritizing Team Member Health & Safety