You are JBS

Our Future is Your Future

It takes the strength of every individual to make a well-working team. At JBS, you are more than a team member; you are family. Our goal is to make a successful company by helping our team members be successful in their own careers. We have developed many programs and training opportunities dedicated to educating our team members on leadership, management and all the skills needed to propel your career at JBS.

Leadership Warehouse


At JBS, our mission is to be the best food company in the world as measured by long-term profitability. Why long term profitability? Because anybody can get lucky once. Our goal is to create a culture that yields sustained excellence.

Creating a culture of sustained excellence is a difficult task. It requires that every one of us commit, by word and deed, to pursuing the JBS Values in our personal and professional endeavors. The goal of the JBS Leadership Warehouse is to further equip you to do your part in the creation of this culture.

This is not a “one size fits all” initiative. In fact, we offer several programs specifically intended for different levels of leadership – You will find a program to further develop your leadership abilities, as well as propel JBS closer to its mission.


Summit: Our flagship leadership development program intended for high potential leaders


Way of Leading: Leadership training for mid-level managers who lead other managers


People First: Leadership training for ALL front line supervisors in the company


Elective Learnings: Training for any leader interested in improving their skills in a specific area


People First @ corporate: Leadership training for all managers at the Corporate Office


Development Workshops: Development opportunity for salary, non-exempt team members at the Corporate Office

Leadership Fundamentals

Leadership Fundamentals: Leadership training for all new managers: Recently promoted or recently hired from outside the company

Individual Development Opportunities


In addition to our formal Leadership Development and Trainee programs, JBS also offers full tuition sponsorship for a wide array of coursework through our 10 year partnership with Colorado State University. This partnership includes Executive MBA, Online MBA, Graduate Certificate, Professional Certificate and Online Agribusiness Degree Completion programs.