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JBS is the world’s largest protein company. We process, prepare, package and deliver Beef, Pork and Poultry products in more than a 105 countries and in 6 continents. We value diversity, strive to be the best in all we do, and are committed to providing a better future for our team members.

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Our Internship and Trainee Programs have been designed for people who are ready to grow their industry knowledge, find a long term career, and pursue their passion. If you’re ready to lead and feed the world, apply now!


How You Make An Impact:

This 10 week internship program will give you an opportunity to-

  • Deliver project results that impact our bottom-line
  • Apply your course-work knowledge to solve real industry challenges
  • Share ideas that help our team think outside the box
  • Own your experience and work hard

What to Expect:

  • 10 weeks of challenging, hands-on, real-life work experience
  • A production facility environment with some opportunities in a corporate environment
  • To be mentor and coached by a cultural ambassador and technical expert within your facility
  • Interaction with our company’s senior leadership team (BU presidents)
  • To build long lasting industry relationships with company leaders and other interns
  • Rotations through various departments and business functions

Open For Applications: August 17th- March 1st, 2021
*Roles are filled on a first come, first serve basis
Start Date:  May 24th- July 31st, 2021

Program Purpose:

Our full time, 12- month program inspires you to use critical thinking, leadership and problem solving skills. This program offers full time placement at a supervisor position or higher after you complete the program. Our global industry is looking for individuals excited about the opportunity of leading teams and managing operations. If you are passionate about sustainability, agriculture, working hands on, leading a team, making an impact and all in a culturally diverse setting – we are interested in you!

What To Expect:

  • Projects- Challenging goals with key performance indicators (KPI’s) that impact our bottom line. Your goals will tie directly into department/plant objectives.
  • Leadership Training-  Three sessions at our headquarters in beautiful Colorado where you will learn from executives, managers and innovative leaders throughout the organization.
  • Supervise a Team- When you’re ready, we will be asking you to supervise a department and share ideas on how we can improve our processes.
  • Final Placement- In the last four months, we are intentional about providing hands-on training in an area of interest for a full time position.

Open For Applications: August 17th- March 1st, 2021
Start Dates (depending on graduation): January 5th and June 14th, 2021

Five Reasons to Work for JBS

  2. We lead through our Values, driving a strong People-First Culture
  3. It’s in our DNA to create the opportunity of a better future for ALL our team members
  4. We are passionately determined to be the BEST in everything we do, while building the BEST team in the Industry
  5. We have a high performance, competitive mindset; constantly focused on continuous improvement and innovation

Our Values

Determination, Humility, Discipline, Availability, Sincerity, Simplicity and Ownership

Where Will We Be This Fall?


Former Trainees

How Do You Prepare?

  • Leadership and/or Agriculture experience
  • NOT A historical document, but a marketing tool. Tailor your resume to the job description
  • Objective statement not needed. Instead include a “qualifications section” highlighting why you’d be a great fit for the role!
  • One page in length
  • Clean lines, bullets, not extensive paragraphs
  • Review JBS Values and Mission
  • Think of your strengths and weaknesses (to include what you are doing to improve)
  • Practice some commonly asked interview questions with friends
  • Try to think through times when you persevered, your greatest accomplishment and where you’d see yourself in 3-5 years.
  • Phone Screen with Talent Development Manager
  • Selection Committee – Virtually through Microsoft Teams. Will have a panel of leaders from the plant or corporate excited to see you virtually and get to know you better

Not at all! We have over 100 plants across the USA with opportunities in Beef, Chicken, Pork and many more! See map of our locations here

Meet The Team


Liudys Montano

Head of Talent Development

Time with JBS: 10 years

Education: Bachelors of Science in Psychology (in progress)

What’s your favorite part of working for JBS? JBS is an amazing company and I love being part of this winning team. When you get to work with people who are competitive, resilient, and humble, you have no other option than to give your best. I am empowered to make decisions and treat my team as my own small company. We are all owners here! I feel fortunate to get to do what I love for a company that follows its values, put’s people first, values diversity and acts with integrity.


Amber Fox

Talent Development Manager: Pilgrim’s Pride

Time with JBS: 4 years

Education: Bachelors of Science in Psychology
Master of Science – Organizational Leadership and Human Resources Management

What’s your favorite part of working for JBS? I love the diversity you experience within JBS. There are so many different backgrounds, upbringings, cultures and ways of thinking represented throughout the company. The diversity pushes you to think and grow in different ways as an individual.


Danielle Sullivan

Talent Development Manager: Fed and Regional Beef

Time with JBS: 3 months

Education: Bachelors of Science in Health and Human Services

What’s your favorite part of working for JBS? I love how hardworking and humble all my co-workers are. They are always eager to jump in and help support each other.


Diana Ramirez

Talent Development Manager: Pork, Retail Ready, Wild Fork Foods, Plumrose, Corporate

Time with JBS: 3 years

Education: Bachelors of Science in Business Management

What’s your favorite part of working for JBS? My favorite part of working for JBS is the people and the opportunities the company has to offer. I’m grateful to be part of such an amazing team that has pushed me to be a better person professionally and personally!


Taylor Pribble

Talent Development Manager: Pilgrim’s Pride

Time with JBS: 2 years 5 months

Education: Bachelors of Science in Business Management, Master’s Degree – Business (emphasis in HR)

What’s your favorite part of working for JBS? I joined the JBS team excited to make a difference in a large organization. Every day I am working with trainees, interns, and an amazing team that motivates me and gives me my reason WHY. Having an impact on individuals and watching them grow and develop is the most rewarding job I could have ever imagined.


Yoselyn Lagunas

Talent Development Coordinator

Time with JBS: 5 years

Education: Associates of Liberal Arts

What’s your favorite part of working for JBS? My favorite part of working for JBS is the people and the immense diversity of the company. As well as knowing I am contributing to an exciting industry. Since the beginning of my career with JBS I’m constantly motivated to grow and do my part to help others.

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